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30+ Leading Experts In Backyard Food
Production Will Help You Become
Free Of Supermarkets and Drugstores
Greg Peterson

3 Steps To Starting
Your Urban Farm

Dr. Patrick Jones

Herbal Treatment of Wounds
And Lacerations With Home Grown Herbs

Sam Coffman

Increasing The Potency
Of Backyard Herbs

Justin Rhodes

How I Cut My Chicken
Feed Bill By 100%

Bill McDorman

Saving Seeds

David Goodman

Extreme Composting

Geoff Lawton

Permaculture Property Checklist

Alison Martin

Heritage Goats

Kari Spencer

Easy Urban Livestock

Ty Bollinger

Is The Cure For Cancer In Your Backyard Garden?

Jacqueline Freeman

Natural & Treatment-Free Beekeeping

Ralph Rhoades

Worm Farming

Susun Weed

Nourishing Infusions

Joe Urbach

Raised Bed Gardening

Loretta Craig

Victory Gardens

Ira Wallace

Growing Great Garlic

Roger Doiron

Eat The View: The Fight
For Edible Landscapes

Nathan Crane

The Search
For Sustainability

David Holladay

How Tarahumara Indians Make Tortillas, Tamales, and More

Jeanette Beranger

Picking Heritage Pigs

Deborah Nieman

Raising Goats Naturally

John Moody

The Butcher, The Baker
The Homestead Law Maker

Paul Munsen

Cooking With The Sun

Judith McGeary

Food Safety and Cottage Food Laws For Small Producers

David Young

Weather Forecasting For Homesteaders, Hikers, and Hunters

Machaelle Small Wright

Co-Creative Gardening; Partnering With Nature For Bigger Yields

Scott Wright

Growing A Sunflower
Meditation Garden

Sayer Ji

12 Super Foods You
Can Grow Yourself

John Dromgoole

The Organic Method

Carol Deppe

Eat-All Greens Garden

Nicole Telkes

Growing Backyard
Herbs For Market

Ronnie Cummins

7 Ways Growing Your
OwnfFood Saves The Planet

Marjory Wildcraft

Elder Athletes Grow Their Own Food

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Simple & Effective Watering Systems
For Small Livestock

This report shows you how to build very simple and effective watering systems that work really well for most backyard and home scale livestock.
This is a completely off-grid system without any pumps, cords, or engines.

Top Ten Survival Crops: How To Grow
Them & Save Their Seeds

"This little comic book features the top ten crops that every survival gardener should be growing.

It's also funny, which you're going to appreciate when everything collapses and we're forced to eat bugs and mice while we wait for our crops to come in.
From corn to cassava, beans to potatoes, join David The Good and Chachi the demented camel for a fun look at the plants that'll save your life in a crash."
Here's What You Can Expect to Learn During this Empowering FREE Global Event:
  • How organic gardeners produce 2X to 10X greater yields.
  • How to spend $0 feeding your chickens.
  • Guide to MAKING $80 worth of compost per week.
  • Legally keeping chickens and goats in the city.
  • Natural beekeeping... how to do it WITHOUT chemicals!
  • Raising your own superior eggs, milk, and meat... in your backyard.
  • How to get FREE access to local seed varieties.
  • The BEST species of worms for backyard composting.
  • Instant solutions for growing food-without land.
  • 24 herbals you can use to treat colds, flus, allergies, infections, and more.
  • Protect yourself as a small-scale farmer from the 5 MOST COMMON law suits.
  • Understand the Cottage Food Laws (CFLs) that regulate food production on your property.
  • Our role in breaking the monopoly of big chemical and seed companies.
  • Lessons we can learn from World War I & II trends in food production.
  • Raising goats for milk and meat... an introductory guide.
  • How science supports backyard gardening as a cure for most major diseases.
  • Creating a garden biosphere.
  • Addressing wildlife and insect issues to rebalance your garden.
  • Recipes for herbal drinks you can make every day for better health.
  • Learn easy, brilliant, FREE secrets for composting in place.
  • Save $100s making your own fish emulsion fertilizer.
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